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scenery1.jpgOur facility is located in NE Ohio in a great location for racing with two Ohio race tracks (ThistleDown and Mahoning Valley) within 35 minutes away and Presque Isle and Mountaineer  both under 90 minutes away. The 45 acre training facility is near the small village of Garrettsville and is equipped with 3 barns containing 27 total stalls, a round pen, two turn-out paddocks, and two additional 12 x 20 stalls with run-out areas.  In addition to stables, we have a 30 acre fenced pasture for 24/7 turn-out that includes shelters. Plus, there is plenty of room for roaming and grazing.  For off track training we have a 5 horse Euro-xiser and a very nice swimming hole. 



Our Services Include:


breeeding.jpgWe offer breeding to the Ohio registered stallion, Much the Best. His stud fee is currently set at $1000 live foal stands and nurses for foals intended for racing. We will give special pricing and consideration to approved mares and a multi-mare discount. Seasons to Much the Best for Sporthorse purposes is a fee of $500 once the mare is $1000 live foal stands and nurses. If you are interested in a season to Much the Best, please feel free to fill out our Request a Season Form and we will get back to you soon.


Bloodstock Consulting

We offer connections to various breeding farms and bloodstock agents where you can get discounted or specialty deals for seasons to various Thoroughbred stallions. With years of research into the breeding lines that produced some of the great racehorses and the breeding stock that produced these great racehorses, we offer an insight that the average breeder doesn't have. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to take advantage of this research


Mare Care

Janie0003.jpgWe use one of the best reproduction vets in NE Ohio(Cleveland Equine Clinic) and are diligent in making sure the mares we service are taken care of and are given the best shot to carry a healthy foal. When your mare comes to visit Much the Best for the breeding season. She will be taken care of as if she was our own.



lay-up.jpgSometimes your race horse just needs a break from the track. Whether it is a break for rehabilitation due to an injury or for a short time to recover from a hard run of races, we can offer the break your horse needs.



swimming.jpgWhile your horse is in the midst of its racing campaign, a break from the rigors of galloping on the track may be needed. With our swimming regimen, your horse can still receive conditioning to maintain fitness without the pressure and strain on the joints that track training and racing can incur.



breaking.jpgWe pride ourselves on a horse that is well-behaved and is able to go onto a new career after racing without any problems. That is why we take just the right amount of time to break young horses. We offer breaking and preliminary training so that your horse is ready to go to the track with whatever trainer you would like. Not only will they be ready to start galloping at the track, but they will be well-mannered enough that most gallop hands/jockeys will be able to get along with them without issues.


Track Training

racetrack.jpgThrough the years, we have been a part of the process of taking a horse that has never been taught to lead to getting a gate card and being prepared for their first race. We generally train at ThistleDown Racino in Cleveland, OH, but plan to start track training at the new track (Mahoning Valley Racecourse) in Austintown, OH starting in 2015.


Race Training

victory-gunner-win2.jpgThe horses at Maddox Racing are given every opportunity to race where they will be competitive. We are considered as having a small operation and are very careful not to cut corners so that we are able to find out the full potential of the horse and benefit from its talent. Our goal is to provide our clients a true value for the investments in their horses.

We offer an all-inclusive set fee so that our clients roughly know what their monthly bill amount is going to be. If there are going to be additional charges, we will inform them ahead of time so they will be prepared. We are very willing to work with our clients when it comes to a horse needing a break due to the racing schedule or an injury.

A huge benefit we have is access to a farm with a training facility and turnout paddocks for the horses. We can do light training at the farm to keep the horses fit between races, give the horses turn out time so they can recover quickly from races and we also have a swimming pool set up for a variety in their training. Swimming is very beneficial to the horse for many reasons, it helps maintain fitness without the pressure and strain on the joints that track training and racing can incur.

The most important is that it provides a level of fitness that most horses aren't capable of receiving with regular gallops at the track. Horses that spend their entire racing season at the track can get very sour and develop vices that are very undesirable in a horse that needs to find a retirement home where they can be retrained for a second career. Having a farm for them to get regular breaks from the track life ensures their future.



for-sale.jpgWe generally always have horses available for sale. These include mares for breeding, mares in foal, young horses or horses of racing age (primarily Ohio Breds), and OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbreds). We have been placing Thoroughbreds in homes for years. Most of the horses we sell are horses that are finished with their racing career and are ready for a new career. We have great connections for transitioning these horses into a new discipline and love to see them move on to new careers and companionship.


Sales Prep

pre-sale.jpgWe are experienced with the conditioning and care needed to have a horse looking its best in preparation for selling.

If we can’t offer the service you are looking for, there is a good chance that we know someone who can.  Please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can with the best answer to your needs we can offer.


Steps for Registering your Ohio Bred Foal

  1. Register your mare with the Ohio State Racing Commission by July 31st of the year bred. Cost is $100 initially and $25 each year the mare will be bred for an Ohio foal thereafter.

  2. Make a foaling notification with The Jockey Club within 30 days of foal's date of birth. Make a foaling notification with the Ohio State Racing Commission within 60 days of the foal's date of birth

  3. Register your foal as an Ohio Bred, registered foal (sire of foal outside of Ohio or not registered with OSRC) or Accredited foal (sire of foal is registered with OSRC) by October 15th of the year the foal is born. Cost is $25. If this registration is late, the fees are as follows:

    • Year born October 16-December 31 - $75
    • Weanling year - $150
    • 2 Year old year - $300
  4. Register the foal with The Jockey Club within 1 year of the foal's date of birth. You will receive a DNA kit and a registration form in the mail when the foal is about 3 months old as long as the foaling report was made within 30 days of foal's date of birth. The DNA kit must be mailed. You can do the remainder of the registration through the mail or online at The Jockey Club website. At least four conformational photos are required for the registration.

  5. The stallion certificates are generally released electronically through The Jockey Club once all bills for breeding your mare and stallion fees are paid in full. They can also be mailed.

In order to receive any breeder's rewards, a yearly breeder's license is required. Currently the cost is $10 per year.


340 Day Chart

Mare Info Sheet

Ohio Application for Registration of Broodmare

Ohio Broodmare Renewal

Ohio Notification of Thoroughbred Foaling

Application for Registration of Ohio-Foaled Thoroughbred

Ohio Application for Registration of Accredited Thoroughbred

Ohio State Racing Commission Breeder license Application

PDF Ohio Foal Registration Steps