Breeding Analysis

much-the-best-with-rachael.jpgThere was a reason Much The Best sold for $170,000 as a yearling at the Keeneland sale. He then showed early maturity as a two year old in training sale topper at the Barret's sale where he sold for $400,000.

Much the Best has a very similar build to his sire, Forestry. Along with his beautiful head, neck and shoulder set, he stands at a well-balanced 17 hands complimenting his powerful body and nice hip. He is a big, solid boned, athletic stallion.

At this early time in his breeding career, it is difficult to determine the best crosses. We would suggest nicking your mare through the Forestry line (Click here for Forestry Nicking Report).

Much the Best's bloodlines are open to crossing with most pedigree lines. With his breeding free of Mr. Prospector, it offers the opportunity to cross him with many Raise A Native line mares such as Mr Prospector and all of his sons. The list of pedigree lines that would cross well with Much the Best is countless, which makes him a great choice for most mares. He also has the infamous Secretariat lines (4x4) through Storm Cat on the top side and Dehere on the bottom side.

With years of research into the breeding lines that produced some of the great racehorses and the breeding stock that produced these great racehorses, we offer an insight that the average breeder doesn't have.

If you would like to speak to Mark about your breeding options, please feel free to fill out the contact form and he will get back to you at his soonest convenience.


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