Racehorse to Sporthorse

When a Thoroughbred racehorse trainer and/or owner truly cares for a horse; they have to make tough decisions. One of those decisions is to let their students move on to a new career when they are past their peak in racing and are still sound enough to be successful. What makes that decision not so tough is when they go to exceptional homes.

In 2009 we had submitted the name of a mare to the current owner of "The Cliff's Edge". He was offering a huge incentive to breed to his stallion that was in Kentucky at the time. The mare, Misty Sabin, was selected for this incentive and so we sent her to be breed. If the owner, Robert Lapenta, liked the foal as a yearling, he would buy the foal for 3X the stud fee and place him in training under Nick Zito. The stud fee at that time was $7500. We sure did like the sound of this deal! When the foal was a yearling, we submitted photos to the representing agent. Sadly, but not surprisingly, our 2010 The Cliff's Edge colt out of Misty Sabin was not chosen to be purchased for the Laplanta/Zito program. They wanted a horse that was exceptional in its build, including conformation and size. The colt didn’t meet these requirements at this time.

So, we had a pretty nice Ohio bred colt to raise for racing. Got Edge, handled everything we put in front of him with class! He trained well and had great stamina. He was also used regularly as a training partner to teach other young horses. He had several races and although he trained great in the mornings, he really didn't show a desire to compete in the races.

Wedgie, as we called him, was a super special individual and at the beginning of the 2014 racing season we decided that we would like to try and sell him! We knew he had the potential to go far in a different discipline.

I like to follow horses that go from the racetrack into the show arena and have been able to learn a lot about the opportunities these Thoroughbreds have off the track. Luckily, I came into contact with Paige Cade of Tebogo Sporthorses through a Facebook page called OTTB Connect. She was looking to buy geldings off the track to retrain and then sell. The description of what she had in mind was Wedgie.

In just a couple of weeks the deal was made and one of our babies was headed to Virginia! We knew we would miss him, but most importantly, we knew he would be in great hands with the potential for a great career!

Since then, we have sold another young horse that wasn't showing his potential on the racetrack to Tebogo! I love that we have this connection when we come across just the right horse for their program.

Out of selfishness, if we could, we would keep all of the foals we breed and raise. Of course, this is not a wise decision so we let them move on. I am excited to see how Got Edge (now known as "Luke") and Pass at Your Risk (Chromie) excel as sport-horses thanks to organizations like Tebogo who take these horses from the track and give them a new lease on life!

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