Her Story


About a year after moving our operation to Ohio, we took a position at a farm working for another trainer's owner taking care of the horses that were in between races, on layup, or on rehab time due to injury.  Gradually we fell in love with a couple of our students, but one particular filly really caught our affections.  As a result of her not being a "favorite" of her current trainer or owner, she ended up in our barn.  Her owner offered to sell her and we talked a client of ours into purchasing her. She was under weight and had been over trained.  Once in our hands, we were able to rehabilitate her to top condition.  In just a short time, she won 2 races for us.  Unfortunately, even though she matched the track record in the second win, she bowed a tendon.  We knew that her best chance of coming back and being successful on the track was having a long time off for the tendon to completely heal.  Her owner decided that she needed to be shipped home to recover.  She went home and was there for over a year. When she returned to us we were completely shocked!  It was in the winter and we were told by several that there was no way she would come back from the neglect and starvation she endured.  This mentality became a challenge and we focused the next several months on returning this special filly to racing condition.  In 6 months’ time she won another race.  She ended up retiring from racing after re-injuring her tendon.  She was then placed in a good home.

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