Do you want a business man or a horseman caring for your horse? At Maddox Racing and Bloodstock, it is our goal to produce a horse that is competitive on the racetrack and capable of having a second career after racing.

With years of research into the breeding lines that produce some of the great racehorses and the breeding stock that produced these great horses, we offer an insight that the average breeder doesn’t have. Added to this research is the experience of all aspects of training. Starting with the day a foal is born to the day the horse has his last race and is retired into a companion, trail or pleasure horse or even a show horse.

Our goal is to produce an Ohio Bred Thoroughbred that has:

High quality and great conformation
The talent and breeding to succeed on the racetrack
The opportunity for a second career after retirement from the racetrack

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Windham, OH 44288